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TOP PELLET ITALIA is a young enterprise that aims to spread the culture of reneable an energy efficiency, particularly by promoting the pellets as fuel for domestic heating an industry.

We believe in the opportunity to invest in renewable energy and new technologies designed to optimized energy efficiency and maximum exploitation of the potential offered by the processing waste of natural resources.

Our vocation is born from the energy saving will offset the externalities, ie external costs of transport (congestion, air pollution, noise, accidents). Awareness of the impact of trasport costs and energy costs on goods derived from our own experience.

TOP PELLET ITALIA is a trademark of Martinotti sns company that deals with three generations of transport. Our experience Logistic , our knowledge of the distibution networks our contacts allow us to offer products from transportation costs.

There are intent ecological well-eco-ness that led us to expand our interests in an area green. Thata of fuel natural, well-extabilished in its scope, methods of production and research, but still allows a high degree of developement and Innovation.

PELLET: burning green innovation.





Sacco Abete

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